Treatment Options

The Lice Clinics offers a variety of treatment options to fit your family’s needs. From our comprehensive Head Lice Removal Package to traditional comb-outs for young children, our state-of-the-art solutions take the stress out of lice removal.

Screening & Consultation

Our clinicians will carefully screen the hair and scalp, placing samples under a microscope to identify active cases of head lice. If a case is confirmed, and in-clinic treatment is chosen, we’ll waive the screening fee and get to work.

Price: $20.00

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Head Lice Removal Package

Get complete peace of mind with our most popular and effective treatment package. This three-step process includes a 30-minute Lice Tech treatment, a comb-out to remove dead lice and nits, and a post-removal oil application for a 100% treatment success rate.

Price: $199.00 or $175.00 if ear-length or shorter

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Many toddlers find sitting for an hour is just too long. For toddlers or any individuals with contraindications to a heated air treatment, the best approach is a traditional comb-out to remove lice and nits followed by three oil applications at home. Price varies depending on hair length.

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DIY Lice Removal Kit

For a more budget-friendly option, our DIY Active Solution is non-toxic and has an efficacy rate of 97%. In comparison, most over-the-counter treatments are only 25% effective.

Price: Prices start at $40.00

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Lice Protection Plan

Enroll in our Lice Protection Plan and never again worry about lice at home, school, or childcare activities. Receive free monthly screenings, up to three patented Lice Tech treatments, and ongoing professional support to protect your entire family.

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