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Welcome to The Lice Clinics! We believe that everyone deserves safe and simple options to achieve a lice-free life. Our ongoing mission? To provide safe, effective, and affordable treatments for clients of all ages.


The Results You Need. The Compassion You Deserve.

With locations in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina, our lice clinics can devote time and attention to every client who comes through the door. Our expert lice removal clinicians bring years of expertise and compassionate care to our practice. No matter your situation, we’ll provide you options for eradicating head lice. And with thousands of successful treatments performed, it’s no wonder our clients say that we’re the best provider in the region!

  • 100% Guaranteed

    Lice Tech removal solution is 100% guaranteed

  • Thousands Helped

    Thousands of successful treatments and counting

  • Options for all ages

    Flexible treatment options to accommodate children, adults, caregivers, and families


Educators across the nation report that lice outbreaks in schools are on the rise. This increase in cases means more missed school days, lowered school performance, and lower academic outcomes that can seriously impact a school’s funding.


To fight this epidemic, we’re undertaking an educator partnership program aimed at lice prevention, education, and remediation. Partner with The Lice Clinics and get 100% free lice removal screens and services to participating school employees.

FREE expert head lice educational resources

Nurses and teachers are on the front lines of head lice prevention. Empower your school with free educational resources to raise awareness of the best current practices.

FREE expert head lice screenings for school employees

If you’re concerned you have been exposed to lice, we proudly offer free head lice screenings for educators.

FREE head lice treatments for school employees

Don’t panic if you find lice! It’s actually pretty common for teachers to be exposed to head lice from their students. Call us to schedule a treatment today. We will have you lice-free in an hour!

  • Paige M.

    Literally worth every penny. I will never use over the counter again. It’s pricey yes, but it’s very very worth it. Wonderful experience as well? Karla was brilliant!!!

  • Amanda J.

    The girls were amazing with my daughter. They made me feel better and relieved a lot of my stress with this. Heather was so quick to respond and so helpful in scheduling and additional paperwork I needed. I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know struggling with Lice like I have with my kids.

  • Danielle R.

    We were on vacation in SC when I noticed my son had lice. What could have quickly ruined our trip, was taken care of in an hour. We were able to make an appointment the same day and were in and out quickly. We were greeted with kindness and professionalism and were educated on lice treatments used! We were able to leave lice free and able to go back to our vacation!